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BOVA Financial Group is recognized by numerous non-profit Homeowner Advocates as a "Top Trusted Firm" for helping consumers through their loan restructuring process. With over four years of experience, you can be confident our experienced attorneys and staff will work diligently on your case until resolution. Our commitment is to provide you with honest and ethical advice, and to help you make an informed decision regarding your loan restructuring needs, as loan restructurings are not the best remedy for everyone. Our ethical standards prohibit us from accepting clients unless they have a demonstrable financial hardship, have capacity to make a modified payment, and we believe you may meet the Net Present Value (NPV) criteria required for a loan restructuring.

At BOVA Financial Group, we understand how the uncertainty of the loan restructuring process can be stressful, as the outcome of any negotiation is uncertain.† To help us determine whether you potentially qualify for restructure, we first gather your detailed financial information and conduct a free, no obligation financial analysis and initial consultation. Based on this preliminary information, we determine whether it is likely you will qualify for a loan restructuring from a financial perspective and relay to you what your restructure terms may look like upon lender/servicer approval. We base our decision from our extensive experience in working with the various government and non-government programs offered by the various Lenders and Servicers. If we believe you do not have a case for restructuring, we will tell you why.† We can help with loans owned by both private investors and the GSE's (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), and primary residences, investment properties, and commercial real estate.

Despite the availability of government programs such as Making Home Affordable (HAMP), your lender/servicer believes that a loan restructuring is a "hardship program", not a "right". As such, we are seeking voluntary concessions from your lender/servicer. The decision to provide you financial relief rests solely in the hands of your lender/servicer, and is often predicated on the outcome of a Net Present Value (NPV) analysis. †Properly preparing your lender package so it fits within lender restructuring guidelines is a critical component for success during the restructuring process. BOVA Financial Group provides the experience and expertise to navigate this process to significantly improve your chances for success.

BOVA Financial Groupís experience and understanding guides us through the lender barriers to success. Moreover, you are being represented by attorneys who are bound by a high level of ethics and professional responsibility to our clients. Please understand that almost all of our clients have tried and failed on their own to negotiate acceptable loan restructuring terms with their lender/servicer. In our experience, a majority of these clients failed because they do not have the underwriting or legal background to adequately analyze and negotiate their case. Despite these previous failures by our clients, BOVA Financial Group is usually able to achieve a restructuring once we rework the case. We have worked with all of the major lenders and servicers and understand how to navigate the often complex and frustrating path to a restructuring. Act with confidence because you are dealing with highly recommended and reputable attorneys who are ethically bound to fight for your rights and who will protect your best interests. We may be able to help you prevent foreclosure, prevent Bankruptcy, stop your rate from adjusting, and lower your payments.

Client Testimonial

I was skeptical about hiring BOVA Financial Group due to having had some past bad experiences with other organizations who I have hired in the past. I am very satisfied with my decision to hire BOVA Financial Group to help me obtain a favorable loan restructuring. I am particularly grateful to my assigned Advocate and his staff. They worked very hard on my case. Like many people; my wife and I refinanced our home in 2006 when the market was booming. We agreed to do a predatory loan (NegAm/OptionArm) because the interest rate was low and we thought we could easily refinance into a better loan a few years down the road. Then the housing market crashed and so did everything else. Thatís when my hardship started; everything became so difficult to manage. Especially my mortgage. I was very stressed out and had many sleepless nights. I drained my personal savings to keep up; once those funds ran out I went to family members for help. I couldnít take it anymore; thatís when I turned to BOVA Financial Group. BOVA Financial Group put all of my fears to rest. They quickly helped me to modify my mortgage so I could afford it based on my actual current income. They negotiated a solution that brought me back to being current on my mortgage, out of foreclosure and with a 2% Interest Rate on my modified loan. My payments were lowered to $995 per month; with these monthly savings I will be able to keep and pay off my home loan. WOW; thatís all I can say about it. I can actually sleep at night and my children can continue to live in the only house they have ever known; thanks to BOVA Financial Group.

What we do for you:

  • Notify lender you are represented by counsel

  • Complete a financial analysis of your situation

  • Prepare a case to present to your lender

  • Help you create an effective hardship letter

  • Prepare a Summary Report to determine your NPV

  • Present your package to your lender

  • Negotiate a new lower payment or new terms

  • Provide a restructuring agreement

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